Root cause solutions for social and behavioral health

Empowering Every Family Through Innovation

curaJOY enhances family well-being by providing proactive, community-driven solutions that are both practical and empowering, making every step forward a shared success.

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We supports families’ social and mental health by providing practical and collaborative solutions that are proactive and community-driven. Our program design and evaluation processes involve clinicians, youth, educators, researchers, and parents to ensure that we address the most pressing issues affecting them. People in distress cannot afford to remain on wait lists, yet therapists, social workers and counselors are burned out

A New Era of Wellbeing

Balance your inner world with the outer. Our engaging platform makes tracking habits, feelings, and actions a rewarding adventure. Gain a holistic view, empower yourself, and navigate life with confidence.

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Your Personal Cheerleader

Unleash the power of unwavering support with your personal coach, available 24/7 via app, email, social media, and text. They're more than a guide - they're your champion, continuously learning from our experts to fuel your success.

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Unity in Diversity

We believe everyone deserves a safe space for healing. Our 3D avatars mirror user backgrounds, along with multilingual support and cultural content, fostering a sense of belonging in a diverse community.

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Transformative Support Anytime, Anywhere

Weekly sessions are a start, but lasting change needs daily action. CuraJOY empowers you to practice key skills—emotions, problem-solving, relationships—every day. We guide you, step-by-step, for real progress, whatever your goals.

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CuraJOY provides gamified, inclusive, and on-demand behavioral health platforms using emerging technologies like AI with clinician supervision to reinforce positive habits in kids and families. Traditional therapy can cost up to $200/hour, and immediate, on-demand care is scarce.


Join curaJOY's Youth Ambassadors to advocate for emotional resilience, empowering every child to dream and achieve.


curaJOY enhances learning with personalized, inclusive programs, boosting satisfaction and success for all.


curaJOY optimizes behavioral health care, emphasizing impactful support and inclusivity for families.

Neurodivergent Learners

With curaJOY, support neurodivergent learners through tailored, expert-driven approaches for overcoming challenges and celebrating success

Root-Cause Changes.. Lasting Solutions

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Families with school-age children struggle to maintain social and emotional health, and our already-strained behavioral healthcare and education systems cannot adequately support children and their parents.


Holistic wellness starts with balancing our inner and outer worlds. Track your patterns and understand.


Your coach is your #1 fan, and they’re always available - through the app and via their own emails, social media, and text-enabled phone numbers.


We help you nurture your connections by pinpointing family growth areas. Through guided activities, group chats, conflict mediation, skills training, and relationship-building

Works with existing insurance
Works with existing insurance

No in-game purchases. No advertisement or upselling. Earn points, gift cards, privileges, and more when you invite benefactors to support.

Technology for Good
Technology for Good

No in-game purchases. No advertisement or upselling. Earn points, gift cards, privileges, and more when you invite benefactors to support.


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You juggle too much already.

We help you only do what works.

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