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CuraJOY delivers inclusive, effective health solutions for diverse challenges, ensuring universal access to essential support and resources.
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of adults experience at least one mental condition over their life time.

10-20 Years

is how much mental illness decreases life expectancy.

150 Million

Americans live in places with a critical shortage of behavioral healthcare resources.

Communities of Focus

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Tailoring programs to the needs of tweens and teens, we create a nurturing environment that supports their journey towards improved emotional health and social skills.



Recognizing the multifaceted challenges women face, we advocate for accessible, equitable mental health care that addresses their unique experiences of stress, inequality, and societal pressure.



Dispelling myths and confronting mental health stigma, we offer support tailored to the Asian community, encouraging open dialogue and emotional wellness.



By providing access to culturally competent care, we aim to support the Black community in overcoming historical mistrust and societal challenges, fostering a healthier future.



Committed to overcoming language and cultural barriers, we provide Hispanic individuals with accessible mental health services that respect their heritage and experiences.

Unique Needs
Shared Goals

Our commitment to empowerment extends to all, recognizing that the journey towards equity and well-being is interconnected and inclusive

Generational Trauma

We aim to break generational trauma by providing communities with the tools and knowledge needed for healing and growth. Our innovative methods help individuals escape cycles of harm, promoting a future of emotional wellness and equity for everyone.



We address the LGBTQIA+'s unique challenges by fostering an inclusive society where all can flourish. Our programs and resources go beyond support, enabling empowerment, resilience, and fulfillment for all, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.


970 Million

people worldwide are in some emotional distress

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Workforce Diversity
With over 80% of US behavioral health providers being white, diversifying the workforce is key to ensuring care that reflects global diversity.
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Special Education
Addressing the disproportionately high placement of students of color in special education, we push for customized support that acknowledges their unique challenges.
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Access and Awareness
Focusing on low-income and BIPOC communities facing greater health service barriers, our mission is to enhance access and awareness for comprehensive support.
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Stress And Anxiety Don't Descriminate

Mental health challenges can affect anyone, regardless of age, income, or race. Don't wait - get the support you deserve.

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71% Increase

In Adolescents With Mental Health Issues From 2008 – 2017

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