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Being well means more than good physical health

curaJOY provides effective and continuous wellness support for diverse families combining behavioral health care, education and AI to foster growth and genuine relationships because families' wellness is interconnected.

24/7 On-Demand Wellness Support
CuraJOY provides gamified, inclusive, and on-demand behavioral health platforms using emerging technologies like AI with clinician supervision to reinforce positive habits in kids and families. Traditional therapy can cost up to $200/hour, and immediate, on-demand care is scarce. 
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Deliver IEP services and Social Emotional Learning without overworking teachers. Provide culturally-inclusive services for diverse student bodies.


You’re doing more than ever. Skip the wait lists and treatments that don’t work. We are all about giving people practical support--on-demand

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Save time and money. Easily ensure compliance. Grow your capacity with automation.


Can’t find ABA or trauma-informed care in part of the world? Get the best whole-person wellness support anywhere.

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Cross-Sector Collaborations and Community-Built
We improve family emotional wellness globally by integrating the latest technological advancements, behavioral healthcare, education, and gaming, working to solve major social and mental health-related problems jointly with our communities and cross-sector collaborations. This is a purpose too important to be for-profit.
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Essential Social and Mental Health Support
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One-stop Solution

You juggle too much already.

We help you only do what works.

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